Virtual School

The Kashipur Vivekananda Vidyapith Online Education Program uses pioneering online class management software, a popular teaching aid in the West, and fast gaining popularity in India. The students have access to class activities, can complete and submit assignments from home and have immediate access to their grades. The software provides an opportunity to develop a host of useful critical learning skills. It has extraordinary potential for practice in problem solving and for developing a flexible and open - minded attitude. Using the latest available technology, we have developed the Kashipur Vivekananda Vidyapith ONLINE EDUCATION PROGRAM that not only adds to classroom learning, but also increases the much required I.T. skills of a child. It enables the students in a number of ways :

  • To participate in online courses of the school, take lessons, quizzes, do assignments surveys etc, participate in group discussions and write in forum.
  • To submit assignments, take tests, submit queries and get replies.
  • To read lessons online, answer questions and discuss topics with other students, teachers or guests.
  • School Category - Co-Educational
  • To send and receive messages from their peer group, teachers and administrators.
  • To create their personal journal and write in it.
  • The online Scheduler keeps track of homework and other activities.
  • All recent and upcoming activities are updated automatically.
  • To discuss their ideas and issues in online forums.
  • To contribute to common activities of the school.

The Kashipur Vivekananda Vidyapith Online Education Program is a natural addition to classroom teaching. Your child can interact with teachers and other students from anywhere in the world as permitted by the school. Every activity conducted on the Kashipur Vivekananda Vidyapith Online Education Program is registered and will be available for future viewing and reference. There is no possibility of misuse or abuse of the system. Trained professional course - coordinators monitor the activities of your child from the school.

Name: Murulidhar Mandal

Designation: H M

Qualification: M A

Mobile: 9732280962

Name: sanjib kr biltharia

Designation: A H M

Qualification: MA

Mobile: 7384218702

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