Welcome To Kashipur Vivekananda vidyapith

Kashipur Vivekananda vidyapith is an unaided Bengali medium co-educational school. It is established in 2003. It is situated at Kolloli (Kashipur) near Kashipur block office and BPHC) beside Kashipur Bankura road surrounding a calm and natural hygienic atmosphere beyond congested area. It is set up with a view to developing the education of the locality with the help of local education lovers, dedicated educationists and conscious guardians..

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" As Headmaster, I am extremely proud of the school’s achievements both academically and in terms of the many varied activities in which pupils are engaged. We are an entirely inclusive school accepting pupils of all abilities and our success lies in the fact that we enable all to achieve both their personal and academic potential. "

Sri Murulidhar Mandal , H.M

Why Join Us

For generations, Kashipur Vivekananda vidyapith have focused on the values that so many seek in a quality education: superior academic results, faith formation and the building of character and a safe, caring community where your child is accepted, respected and never lost in the crowd. These are not abstractions. They’re not part of an educational “wish list.” Kashipur Vivekananda vidyapith, these are tangible, visible realities forged from tradition, intellect, wisdom, and the passionate commitment of the region’s best teachers. So, what matters to you?

  • Heart of an unspoilt .
  • Large environmental area .
  • Friendly and nurturing .
  • Committed and caring staff
  • High quality teaching .
  • Stable staff team .
  • Preprimary Students .
  • Primary Students .
  • Secondary Students .
  • Classrooms, workshops .
  • Laboratories, facilities .
  • A library, lecture theatre .

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Classrooms, Laboratories


Our Staff


Educational Workshops


Tree Planting

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